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Luděk Šrubař

Mgr. Luděk Šrubař

Managing Partner


Luděk is a visionary. His journey starts where others end and he never gives up. This approach helps him solve even the most unusual and difficult situations. His main areas of focus are e-commerce, electronic communications, and on-line services, but he is no stranger to other legal areas. He never gets side-tracked in the pursuit of his clients’ interests and is always willing to go an extra mile to deliver.

TelecommunicationsIT LawIntellectual &Industrial PropertyLitigationsStart ups & InvestmentsContract LawLabour LawEconomic Crime Law
Lucie Baďurová

Mgr. Bc. Lucie Baďurová



Law is often the last thing on the minds of startup founders, but in fact it should be their priority! Fortunately, Lucka is at hand to help both new and established companies, giving them advice ranging from day-to-day business operations to large and complex projects. She studied at Charles University and the Police Academy of the Czech Republic and worked for Czech Airlines and the Ministry of Industry & Trade, all of which gave her a strong background in the field of public administration.

TelecommunicationsLitigationsPublic ProcurementStart ups & InvestmentsContract LawLabour LawBusiness Law
Linda Šenkyříková Skoupá

Mgr. Linda Šenkyříková Skoupá



Linda decided to expand on her studies at the Law School of Masaryk University and by spending one year in Newcastle, immersing herself in British law at the Newcastle University. She is mainly focussed on business law and corporate governance and your company will benefit from her rich experience in these areas.

Intellectual &Industrial PropertyStart ups & InvestmentsContract LawLabour LawBusiness Law
Daniel Thám

Mgr. Daniel Thám



Dan enjoys solving riddles of modern businesses. His main legal areas cover IT Law, e-commerce, intellectual property, or GDPR matters. He studied law at the University of West Bohemia and has spent a part of his studies in Manchester at Manchester Metropolitan University where he refined his English language skills.

Intellectual &Industrial PropertyStart ups & InvestmentsContract LawLabour LawBusiness LawDebt Collection
Tomáš Hříbek

Mgr. Tomáš Hříbek



When someone thinks of a lawyer, the image of Tomáš springs up before their eyes. He has studied at the Law School of Masaryk University in Brno and chose to specialize in economic crime law and criminal law. He has a very broad legal knowledge and provides general legal advice to our clients.

Intellectual &Industrial PropertyLitigationsContract LawLabour LawBusiness LawEconomic Crime Law
Jan Janoušek

Mgr. Jan Janoušek



During his studies at Charles University and later as a Lawyer Clerk and Paralegal at an IT company he has taken a liking to information technology law. He still enjoys this “hobby” and has become a specialist in cyberlaw and intellectual property law.

TelecommunicationsIT LawIntellectual &Industrial PropertyLitigationsContract Law
Lenka Sklenářová

Mgr. Lenka Sklenářová

Lawyer and Tax Consultant


Lenka studied law at Masaryk University in Brno and has also spent some time in Salamanca, Spain where she gained insights into the Spanish legal system. She has worked as a Tax Consultant for the Big Four and later moved to an international law firm where she added experience in business and commercial law.

Contract LawLabour LawBusiness Law
Šárka Vlasaná

Mgr. Šárka Vlasaná



After her studies at the Law School of Masaryk University in Brno, Šárka started her practice as a lawyer at the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. It was also in Ostrava where she later led a local branch of a prominent Prague law firm and gained a lot of experience in the retail sector, especially in residential and commercial lease agreements. Besides English, she is also fluent in Polish.

LitigationsContract LawLabour LawDebt Collection
Sláva Taragelová

Mgr. Sláva Taragelová

External Lawyer


Sláva studied at the Law School of Charles University and gained her first legal experience not only at our law firm, but and also at the Slovak law firm Taragel a Počubayová. She has a solid understanding of both the Czech and Slovak legal systems and focuses on issues related to businesses and commercial law.

Intellectual &Industrial PropertyStart ups & InvestmentsContract LawBusiness LawDebt Collection

Mgr. Jana Kopecká

External Lawyer


After her law studies at Masaryk University Jana decided to try both the public administration and corporate sectors. She mostly focused on competition law, worked at the Office for the Protection of Competition and later as a lawyer at a major Czech holding company. Currently, her main legal areas include GDPR audits and contract law.

IT LawPublic ProcurementContract LawLabour Law
Hana Pécsiová

Mgr. Hana Pécsiová

Lawyer Clerk


Hanka had already been involved with legal practice during her studies at Palacký University in Olomouc. She was a Legal Trainee at the District Court in Opava and was involved with a student legal advisory center. She joined us as a student and now works here as a Lawyer Clerk.

LitigationsPublic ProcurementContract LawBusiness LawDebt Collection

Mgr. Barbora Drobová

Lawyer Clerk


Bára studied law at Charles University in Prague and was a Legal Trainee at an international law firm. Before she joined our company, she had worked as a lawyer at an international investment company. She mainly focuses on corporate law.

Intellectual &Industrial PropertyContract LawLabour LawBusiness Law
Tereza Benešová

Mgr. Tereza Benešová

Lawyer Clerk


After her graduation from Masaryk University she spent some time in France improving her French language skills. At our law firm she mainly focuses on debt collections and is gaining experience in consumer law and trademark matters.

Intellectual &Industrial PropertyLitigationsDebt Collection
Lukáš Graus

Mgr. Lukáš Graus

Lawyer Clerk


During his student years at Charles University in Prague Lukáš has been gaining experience as a Legal Trainee at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and later at a major insurance company. Now he mostly works on debt collection in the Czech, as well as Slovak, Republic.

LitigationsDebt Collection
Ivan Šrubař

Ing. Ivan Šrubař



Ivan has spent years working as a Chief Quality Officer at Strojosvit, a mechanical engineering production company, and later decided to focus on real estate and financial markets. He has an excellent eye for detail, precision is his second name, and he keeps our law firm running like a well-oiled machine.

Irena Dihlová

Bc. Irena Dihlová

Office Manager


Irena provides back office support to the whole firm. She oversees all administrative tasks, debt collections, communicates with various institutions, courts and police representatives, as well as with our clients. She studied at Silesian University in Opava and has previously worked in the public sector.

Debt Collection

Dominik Opach

Legal Trainee


Dominik currently studies law at Charles University in Prague and, while gaining experience in legal matters, his main responsibility at our firm is taking care of our archive.

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